Location Based Services Market Rule with a valuation of $20 Billion

Posted: June 1, 2010 in Infographic
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This simple question does not any longer have a simple answer and in fact rather very important implications. Depending on where you are, several businesses and services want to reach you and advertise to you. Today’s fast paced technology has made it possible to ‘Geo-target’ you and let local services reach you.

The following info graphic highlights several important aspects of this budding trend with a very notable number, $20 billion. Yes, that is the speculated value; the potential location based services have in the future.  Boasting a click-through rate of 15-25%, it is an advertising medium that has the highest click-through rates compared to others.

Many companies and web services have already begun to capitalize on this potential. And it has not escaped the biggies as well. Google, Facebook and Twitter are all planning to start their own geo-location services. The field is open and the players are slowly filing in. Let us see how the game pans out. If you have a take on it, let us know in comment section below :)

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